Telemarketing Tips


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  • Telemarketing Company Experience

    Ensure the telemarketing firm you choose, has the necessary experience. Verify success with similar projects. Hiring a telemarketing call center that has experience in your industry, makes a big difference in campaign productivity, training cost and agent learning curves.
    Ensure the telemarketing company you hire, has the proper equipment, personnel, and expertise, to successfully manage, your companys telemarketing campaign.
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  • Inbound and outbound services

    A major function of call center services is to accept calls to answer customers' questions about your business's products or services. Call centers can often provide information or technical support, as well as take orders and process payments over the phone. Many will also dispatch calls to you in the event a customer needs to speak directly with someone inside the company. All of these services fall under the "inbound services" umbrella.
    Some call centers also offer so-called outbound services, which include lead generation, such as cold calling and survey-data compilation. These services can also include follow-ups with previous customers to ensure their satisfaction or to further encourage a successful conversion. Traditionally, call centers were viewed as a necessary expense to preserve existing relationships, but when you consider these additional functions, call centers can actually broaden your customer base, forge new relationships and bring in more money.
    Not every business needs both inbound and outbound services, so it's important to consider your business's needs. Once you know exactly what you need, be sure to ask each call center service which inbound and outbound services it offers..

  • What is the call center's availability?

    Another important question to ask is how often agents at the call center are available. Good services have 24/7/365 availability for your customers. Some call center services even offer disaster recovery services, meaning they can take over completely if your own phone lines go down due to an emergency. Selecting a service that is always available and very reliable should be a major focus for your business.

  • Reporting

    You'll want to monitor the call center service's performance to be sure it's operating as expected. After all, the call center will be dealing directly with your customers, meaning it could have a great influence on how they perceive your business. Reporting offers you a window into the day-to-day operations of the call center service you've hired.
    But not all reporting is created equal. Some companies only offer basic summaries of how many calls they made or received in a given time period, while others provide access to real-time data analytics and even record the audio of calls for review when something goes wrong. Before you sign up with a call center service, it's important to know how transparent and forthcoming it will be and what you can expect from the company's self-reporting.

  • The Telemarketing Call

    Every call center contact, must be professional and respectful, while politely delivering your sales message or general information. The agents contact manners, need to be clear, confident, positive, friendly and precise.
    The telemarketing company representing your business, needs to clearly introduce who is calling, confidently state why they are calling, positively enforce reason for the call, in a friendly manner, and be precise in the delivery of information or offer.
    The Offer- Consider what you are offering your prospects to grab their attention, during the first 15 seconds of every call. That is about how long it takes, for someone to fiqure out, if they want to continue to listen to your message. Is your marketing approach new and fresh or is it the same old stale marketing offers they hear everyday?
    You must differentiate your business from your competitors with unique products and creative marketing offers!
    The Close - Always assume the positive and downplay the negative. Prospect objections need to be handled in a professional positive manner. Good telemarketing companies develop frequently asked questions and guides with objection rebuttals.
    Never match wits with your customer or prospect, always be friendly and helpful, as you respond to their questions, or concerns! National Do Not Call & Additional Telemarketing Call Center Tips.
    National Do Not Call Compliance - National Do Not Call laws prohibit telemarketing to specific consumer phone numbers registered with the federal governments - Do Not Call Database!
    Quality Control and 3rd Party Verification - Professional telemarketing companies, utilize quality control systems before the call, during the call, and after completion of the call. Proper agent training, call monitoring and 3rd party verification, are just some of the tools used by telemarketing services agencies.
    In-House vs. Outsourcing - Without question, it is more cost effective to outsource your call center program to a proven vendor, than performing the same services using your internal staff! On average, it will cost twice as much to run a call center campaign using your own facilities, personnel, equipment, telecom and management services.